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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Lotus Flower


Behold the humble lotus…

The Lotus, Indian Lotus, or in scientific terms, Nelumbo nucifera, is a kind of aquatic flower native to Asia and Queensland, Australia.

Lotuses thrive in water and are considered “perennial” plants because they live for two years or more. They come in a variety of colors with pink, red, and white being the most popular and most commonly seen varieties all around the world.

Is It Possible To Grow A Lotus Flower In Your Own Home?

As mentioned. the lotus is an aquatic flower. In its natural habitat, a lotus seed will go to the bottom of the body of water and sprout from underneath. Raising lotuses within the comforts of your home can be tricky but can be done.

When you get your lotus seed, you must first scar it to ensure healthy growth. Find a medium to large flower pot, fill it up with water and allow your seed to swell up during its first soak. It is important to note that instead of watering your seed everyday, you must change its water. When the first sprout has started to emerge and grow slightly, you must transfer your seed into a new pot. Fill the new pot with dense soil. At this stage, it is crucial to anchor your seed to ensure that it does not accidentally float to the surface. Plant the seed into the surface of the soil, making sure that it covered enough so that it doesn’t float, but also being mindful that it is not stifled. Gently place your flower pot in shallow water and allow your flower to grow on its own.

India’s National Flower

As India’s national flower, the lotus lends not only its beauty, but its significance in Indian culture as well. It makes a remarkable and consistent appearance in Hinduism as a symbol of sexual purity and overcoming the attachment for humanly desires. Hindu gods and goddesses in Hindu artworks are seldom depicted with lotuses surrounding them.

The Lotus in Popular Culture

Because it symbolizes detachment, the lotus has expanded to many facets of art. Adorning your home pond with lotuses or even your home with lotus artworks can promote an ambiance of tranquility and stillness that creates a calm and serene environment.

Many people also choose have the famous flower inked on their skin. Apart from its apparent beauty and graceful features, many say that having it permanently inked on their skin serves as reminders of calmness, enlightenment, and letting go.

Is The Lotus Edible?

It turns out that lotus flowers, seeds, root and young leaves are all edible (however I suggest consulting a Dr. first just to be safe. We are not responsible for anything that amy happen if you eat a lotus!).

In the US lotuses have yet to catch on as a food source, but some trendy restaurants are incorporating  lotuses into their menus. I recently dined at an upscale lounge where I was served a seafood dish that was garnished with fried lotus root and it was quite tasty! It reminded me of potato chips.

In Asia however lotuses are widely used in everything from salads to soups and they are even used in traditional Asian herbal medicine.